Stephanie Wagner

Flutes & RelaxationCoach

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Teaching Program


Private Students

Level 1:

Flute players between the ages of ~15 and 18

-systematic work on technique, sound production, breathing and articulation

-work on “standard” repertoire

-introduction to and in depth work on orchestral excerpts

-introduction to “contemporary” techniques and repertoire


Level 2:

Flute players between the ages of ~18 and 24

-all topics of Level 1 +

-intensified work on “standard” and “contemporary” repertoire

-preparation for orchestra auditions, competitions and masterclasses

-introduction to and application of Progressive Relaxation Technique (Jacobson) and other relaxation techniques

-work on low flutes (alto flute and bass flute)

Level 3:

professional Flute players

-all topics of Levels 1 and 2 +

-assistance in defining professional goals

-discussions of career choices in music

-assistance in choice and preparation of auditions and masterclasses

While teaching at different levels and schools in recent years, I have come to appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere of teaching privately at home. Not only can choices of repertoire, topics of discussion and the intensity of the work match the student's exact needs and available time, but here I'm able to focus entirely on the individual student without having the distraction of school requirements such as schedules, exams and repertoire lists.

Throughout my almost 20 years as a professional flutist in orchestras and ensembles, I have had the privilege to work with and learn from musicians from around the world who have brought their knowledge and experience onto the stage. Many of them have helped me to shape my career, strongly influencing my musical choices, my teaching methods and personality. As a teacher I have the opportunity to share this knowledge with curious young flutists who aspire to broaden their horizons.

The areas of study I offer can be a complement to a coursework at a music school, superior school/university or employment of any kind. For many students it might be an invaluable addition to lessons with their regular teacher. In this case a specific topic (preparation for an audition for example) could be the focus of lessons for a defined period of time.

The student is free to choose the frequency of lessons (weekly or bi-monthly) and duration of the lesson (1 or 2 hours) according to his or her personal needs.

For more information please send me an email at or go to contact.